Информация о конференции — Английская версия

Greetings Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to invite you to a conference «The Impact of climate change on the spread of new viral infections during seasonal bird migrations in Northern and Eastern Eurasia»and workshop meeting,» 7-th International school for young scientists», hosted by the Shestopalov Lab. The goal of the workshop is to integrate and promote surveillance efforts between collaborators from different countries to address targeted questions about influenza spreading due to bird migration. The workshop will also provide an opportunity for younger researchers (undergraduate, graduate students and postdocs) to gain experience in field surveillance and to brainstorm ideas about how to study influenza transmission in reservoir species on a regional scale.


Dates of the workshop: December 11 — 13, 2020


  1. The Federal Research Center of Fundamental and Translational Medicine, Novosibirsk


Workshop facilitator & contact:

Marina Gulyaeva (mgulyaeva@gmail.com),

Alexander Alekseev (ayalekseev@centercem.ru)

Sharshov Kirill (sharshov@yandex.ru)



No registration fee.


Key dates:

  1.  Registration will close 20 november 2020.

Registration form should be sent to us by e-mail. It includes name, organization, graduation degree and contact information.

  1.  Deadline for an abstract submission is 01 november 2020.

Abstracts should be limited to 350 words (not including the title, authors or affiliation) and should be sent to us by e-mail.


Please find attached to this email an outline of the proposed schedule.


We look forward to see you in Novosibirsk!


Best regards,

Alexander Shestopalov

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